I am presenting two groups of works. One is inspired by dry branches scattered across a snowy field, the other by tree rings. Often we find an unfamiliar deep beauty in the rustic and austere nature of things that are normally overlooked. I am more impressed by the lines made by branches scattered across a snow covered field in the depths of cold winter than in lushly forested trees or the flowers that bloom on a gorgeous spring day. The shadows of the branches on the snowy field create a natural rhythm. It is amazing how tree rings show the accumulated traces of time. Irregular and seemingly random repetition produces unpredictable rhythms and rich textures. Designing skin-like surfaces generates depth through visual repetition, which expresses meaning and symbolism through planes and built up layers.

In my designs, a formal pattern of unity is created from wild nature, a pattern that is free, but more alluring than total freedom. My patterns express the naturalness of repeated form and the joy of being freed from form. They incorporate the atypical, simplistic, crude, and raw aspects that nature possesses into the functionality and utility of pattern design. As a result, I hope my work brings the human closer to the natural and to objects, making us feel more in touch with our environment, and encouraging more intimate and spontaneous emotions.