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As a designer, for the past 32 years I have been working with space, while also managing the brand. Beginning in early 2000, I started working as an independent designer, freely crossing the boundaries between design, craft and art. In the meantime, I began to show the Mono Collection brand on the world market through overseas exhibitions. Since the early 2000s, I have presented my vision through exhibitions in domestic and overseas galleries. In the late 1900s and early 2000s I was also able to carry out projects with domestic and foreign hotels, and pursued a combination of more practical projects bringing together design and art. As I deepened my cultural understanding, I was able to collaborate with foreign brands such as Roche Bobois. I also led overseas workshops, and became more confident in my identity as a designer.

Above all, my goal is to modernize traditional Korean themes and motifs. I concentrate on nurturing Korean beauty, and on sustainable values. I find practical design applications for modern lifestyles through collaborations with Korean craftsmen and women. I am striving to build emotional and cultural values ​​efficiently through connecting tradition and modernity, and to develop them into enduring forms ​​through a unique aesthetic.

My main goal is to successfully curate space in order to change it into a place, through the injection of positive energy. I am inspired by our folk arts, architecture, practical tools, and furniture, creating spaces imbued with the aura of meaning in order to make them truly living environments.

My design philosophy is FUNCTION+. While I aim to design above all for practical life, I also hope to satisfy other important human needs. Therefore, while I believe that ‘form follows function,’ I also believe that good design must appeal to our imagination, dreams, memories and desires. It must have a strong narrative and symbolic dimension, reflecting not only the designer’s personal experience but also their own and their clients’ specific cultural context. Good design must be useful, but it must also be sensual, playful, poetic and spiritual.




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